The New Face of Brand Loyalty

While perusing through some industry trends, an infographic caught our eyes. From a marketing perspective, the infographic’s title “Brand Loyalty is Dead” doesn’t seem very promising. The Night of the Living Dead theme doesn’t help either. But as an agency specializing in market research and disruption, we perceived the info a little differently.

Brand loyalty has changed dramatically, no doubt. But saying it’s dead might be an overstatement; let’s call it revitalized.

This new world of brand loyalty puts the consumer in control for the first time, challenging brands to prove their worth with product excellence, strong customer service and an honest business model. Who’s driving this train? Millennials, of course.

Millennials are one of the most marketing and social media-savvy generations with more than 7 out of 10 consulting, reacting or posting about products, brands and companies on social media. (InSites Consulting)

Now’s the time for brands to listen through social and digital channels in order to implement change and subsequently raise customer loyalty.

But social listening is just the beginning. At The Revs Agency, our focus is on growing bottom lines through insight and differentiation. This begins with market research. We discover what makes your target audience tick and from there, develop unique ideas that disrupt the marketplace, growing your bottom line.

In this new world of brand loyalty, market research isn’t recommended – it’s necessary. Luckily, this is the foundation The Revs Agency was built on, and we’d be delighted to let you lean on us for support.

 Click the image for the full size graphic!

Click the image for the full size graphic!

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