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At the store the other day I overheard a mother ask her teenager, "How can I watch a podcast?" 

This, of course, inspired me to put fingers to keyboard. 

Her child responded with the typical teenage side eye, explaining to her that you listen to a podcast, not watch it and you (I'm paraphrasing) can stream or download them on your mobile device via any of the usual sources such as Apple Podcasts or the Google Play store. 

I'm sure you're reading this because you probably know what a podcast is. But if not, we're not judging. 

Here at The Revs Agency, we love podcasts. Not only are they a powerful marketing tool, but they're also a solid source of education and entertainment that can be consumed on your own time. Some of the most popular titles in the iOS App Store today are Pod Save America (Politics), WTF (Comedy), The Daily (News) and How I Built This (Business).

Over the course of a decade, the popularity of podcasts has grown rapidly. The infographic below (thanks, Concordia University - St. Paul!) sheds a great deal of light on the who, what, and why of this popular medium. 

Let's dig a little deeper into some of the stats:

giphy (1).gif

They say laughter is the best medicine and 48% of podcast listeners can agree. The top podcast genre is comedy.

giphy (6).gif

24% of the US population actively listens to podcasts on a monthly basis, the majority of them being educated and 18-54.

giphy (7).gif

About 40% of listeners have decided to change their cardio routine. Instead of listening to the newest Taylor Swift album, they listen to a podcast. Talk about time flying while running a mile…or seven while on the dreadmill.

With this industry growing so fast, the revenue has followed… it has nearly tripled in the past two years!

Now that you've learned a few interesting facts about podcasts, I'm sure you're bound to grab the nearest earbuds and start listening... if you haven't already. 

By the way, we've put our money (or marketing strategy) where our mouth is. Click here to listen to a series of podcasts we've created on behalf of one of our clients

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