Our First Buffalo Addy Awards - and Our First Buffalo Addy Award


The 2018 American Advertising Awards - better known as The Addys - was noteworthy. Not only was it dubbed the "Greatast" Addys Ever, but it was also the first to be attended by The Revs Agency.
The Addys serve as the opportunity for all those in the Buffalo advertising community to pat each other and themselves (you know who you are) on the back and say, "great work, great year!" 

I was more than a little excited to be able to throw The Revs' hat in the ring this year and introduce our new agency to the community. That being said, in the words of our fearless leader: "We're not all about the awards." 

Buuuut it doesn't hurt to be a little bit about the awards. We submitted some of our favorite work over the past year with the outside hope of snagging some hardware and be mentioned alongside all of the Crowley Webbses, Luminuses (Lumini? Luminatis?), and the like. After the flurry of submission activity, we quietly went back to our mild-mannered agency day-to-day. 

Then. It came. The email. It was a notification that we had won an award, but a mistake had been made in the engraving of some awards, so they wouldn't be ready in time for the show. No more details other than that, but we won a freaking award! Cue my internal freak out… 

  Actual footage of Joe as the news rolled in.

Actual footage of Joe as the news rolled in.

…and then follow that quickly with, "Wait, is this a joke? Part of the 'mistake' theme? Could this be a fake out?!" 

After some frantic backchannel communications, it was revealed that I could rightfully return to my Jonah Hill-esque glee.  

Let's fast forward past the hour-plus of getting all gussied up and beard grooming (mostly beard grooming) and we've arrived at Kleinhan's Music Hall. With beverage(s) in hand, I successfully made random small talk with folks from other agencies and spent good chunk of time devoted to hunting down the girl with the tray of those so very tiny appetizers. 

I was about ready to order a glass of maraschino cherries to munch on, because hungry would be an understatement, when the doors opened up and we had to take our seats. 
I remember there being a handful of winners announced before us, but not super clearly because after I heard "The Revs Agency wins a Silver Addy for The Revs Agency Brand Elements," a wave of pride and excitement washed over me. What a moment! Our name and logo projected huge up on the wall. I know we're not supposed to be all about the awards, but it's just so awesome! 

Personally, it was a moment of validation. A culmination of all of our hard work put towards something we're trying so very hard to establish and grow. A moment that told me that we are definitely doing this right and that we can play ball with everyone else. It was nice to be able to pat ourselves on the back, but when all was said and done, it was time to get back to work. 

Addys, we will definitely be seeing you next year.  

TLDR: The Addys were great. We won a silver. Now that we have a taste, we want to win more next year.

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Joe Conti is Art Director for The Revs Agency. He's an avid hockey player, suffering Sabres fan, husband and dad of (soon to be) two.

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