Get a Life (outside of work)!


Some may find this blog post odd coming from a marketing agency -- especially when this is what greets you at work every day:

However, as a young professional working a full-time job, I find I have a unique perspective on work-life balance. 

I’ve been in the marketing world for a little over two years now and I have come to realization that working 40+ hours a week is normal. Well, my new normal. 

And I know what you may be thinking (because I’ve heard it from family and friends): “How can you not enjoy what you do? There’s always at least one dog in the office and it looks like all you guys do is play.” 

As true as that may seem, we do actually work and have some pretty stressful days. But -- like everyone else on social media -- we just choose not to post the “ugly” moments. While snapping your boss’s meltdown may indeed make for good content, it’s not the image we prefer to project here at The Revs.

But, I digress. 

Sometimes separating your work life from your home life can be difficult. But did you know there are just five steps to achieving the perfect balance? 

Well, apparently Forbes seems to think so... 

Learning to let go

let it go.gif

I’d hate to say it, but we aren’t perfect…and neither is everything we do. There’s always going to be lessons to learn and things to do better next time. Sometimes it’s in our control, other times, it’s not. So, if you can’t control it, no sense in worrying about it, especially if you are done with work for the day or week. 


Having a laptop is fun and all but it could also mean that if you can’t “let it go”, you’d work at all odd hours of the night.  Since we are living in 2018, most places are pretty good about this. It’s really up to you to set boundaries when it comes to knowing the right and wrong times to work outside of business hours.  

Prioritizing time

In my opinion, this is #1 to me. Every day, if it’s at the end of your workday or right before you close your eyes at night, think about what you did throughout the day and how much time you spent on everything. Did you take two hours too long to write this blog post (editor’s note: three)? Or rush through your delicious dinner to watch your daily dose of the World News? It can be hard but practicing how to spend more or less items on certain activities can be a major game changer. 

I challenge you to prioritize your day tomorrow at work and this upcoming weekend. Do you complete more on your to-do list and have STILL have extra time to sip your favorite evening cocktail? Let me know in the comments!

Learning how to ask for help

Being independent is cool but asking for help is too. Swallow your pride and ask for help. 

Being selfish about “me” time

treat yo self.gif

Leave work at work and use all of your PTO days. Ahhh PTO days, these days are given to you for a reason and I am a firm believer in using every. 👏 single. 👏 day. (editor’s note: and then some) If you work in a small office and are one of two in your department, it is understandable as to why it would be hard to take off once in a while, but your coworkers will understand, they’re in the same situation.

Personally, I find that the more I’m involved with outside of work, the more I feel that I spend my time efficiently while at work. For example, I also teach a couple cycling classes at 5:30 AM a few mornings throughout the week. So, yeah, it’s easy to stay on task knowing that I’ve been working since the sunrise and would like to end work at a reasonable hour. Because…who doesn’t want to get stuck in the Skyway traffic at 5:15PM?

Now that summer is basically here and the daylight is precious, start practicing work-life balance. Follow these five steps and you’ll achieve the ultimate goal of staying sane while working through the summer.

Dana Santasiero is an Account Executive at The Revs Agency, a full-service marketing strategy agency located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, New York.

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